Association for Preservation of Kazusa-bori Technique

We are learning Tsuruoka’s method, called Kazusa-bori.

We are the official group which hands down this traditional well-digging technique, referring to 3rd generation well-digging artisan Tsuruoka, who is now an official technician of the tradition having an experience in digging over 200 wells.


We are waiting for your cooperation

We expect your active participation in our activities: learning and handing down Tsuruoka method, Kazusa-bori. Please contact us for detailed information.



*** Activity Report ***


We welcome visitors and can provide hands-on experience as occasion demands.

Please visit us with clothes and shoes which can be stained with mud. Activity itself can also be experienced by women and elementary school students.

You can talk to the artisan or the members who have been digging at the place!

Please do not forget to contact us beforehand about date, number of members etc.